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Renuka Yellamma temple Saundatti

                                SRI RENUKA YELLAMMA DEVI

                                 (SRI RENUKA DEVI)


Sri Renukadevi (Ellamma) is the largest devotee in South India with the exception of Tirupati, where a large number of devotees come from all over the country. There is a religious group here throughout the year. It is a historical, historical and religious shrine surrounded by seven caves and seven hillocks.     

In the Skanda Purana, the folk songs, the history, the information in the history, the three Kannada films are also prepared about the Sri Devi mahim..
"Renuka" born to the "King of Renuka" and "Bhogavati", the king of Kashmir, who was born as a blessing of the sage Agastya, the story of her being the wife of Jamadagni, her husband, is truly divine. Mother Ruchikamuni.The mother of Satyavati was found to be equal to her father and mother and gained love and confidence.

Prehistoric Background: -
The famous researcher Dr KG Shri Gurumurthy has recorded an account of this in his research and has been worshiped as the subordinate deity of many king Maharajas for many centuries.
Allmam-Satyavati comes under the rule of the Parelakkaras, the Padmavati Devi of the Rattara period in the 6th to 9th centuries, in the reign of the Eastern kings of the Rattara in the second century. (Vaishnava) In the 13th century, Bijapur became part of the sultanate of the Bijapur.In the eighteenth century, the area was given to the devotees of Sirisangi Desai and worshiped as Ellamma (Mother Goddess) during her reign.

  The seven seas

In the ecological range of the hill, there are seven hooks, such as the Siddharanka, Parasangakana, Goravanakana, Thamanna Kola, Mawananka, Sangappananka, Borasaban kal, which are illustrative of the events in the history.


Seven hills      

Muragoda, Sogala, Peacock Tirtha, Parasagadha, Savadatti, Munavalli, Ellammanaguda are among the seven hills (hills, mountains) in this range.


Temple Specialty:- 

Before entering the temple, it is customary to get into an oil pond.It is commendable that now the government has undertaken special functions in this area and made it easy for all to enter the vast courtyard.        
Visitors to the temple can be seen placing a yellow colored replica on their forehead.
It is customary to take this repository with special respect as the fortune of their Siri wealth.
Those who are spreading their devotion to the temple premises by offering prayers.  

Various authors have written books on the glory of the temple. "ELLARA AMMA ELLAMMA". The books of Sri Sivabasava Shastri's "Renuka Yallammadevi History", Saraswati's publication "Sri Renuka Yallammadevi Mahatme" and many other videos, CDs, DVDs and cassettes of Devi's majestic song are laudable.


The Goddess is worshiped throughout the year, from 4-30 am to 6 pm daily, and from 4-30 pm to 6 pm..

The village is full of devotees who come to Ellamgudda during the harvest season.Apart from the government bus, many people from neighboring Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu arrive in their private vehicles..The pilgrimage residence and the lodging in the vicinity of the temple have been facilitated by the temple autority
Parks, fountains, etc. are also in the works.

Distance from major cities:
Bangalore: 470 km
Mangalore: 400 km
Mysore: 535 km
Hubli: 60 km

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